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BCMO Updates

On September 21, 2012 Central Valley Bank released a new and improved version of our Business Cash Manager Online (BCMO). The system has been updated with a new look and feel, creating an exciting new customer experience!

While much of the application content remains the same, the style of the screens has been improved to enhance your experience. We have also updated the system terminology to be more intuitive. The first changes you’ll see are a 3-part login and the main menu has changed.

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact Business Services at (360) 705-9159 or Customer Support at (800) 455-6126.

New 3-Part Login

BCMO will be changing from the current 4-part login, which features a Company Password field below the Company ID field to a 3-part login. The 3-part login will include Company ID, User ID and User Password fields displayed on the login page.

New Main Menu Design

Resting the cursor on the main menu bar displays the sub-menu options for that section. When the cursor rolls over one of the sub-menu options, the text changes color to match the main menu bar. The sub-menus that will show are based on your permissions. A number of sub-menu options have been renamed to be more intuitive. Others have been re-organized into more appropriate menu groups. The new main menu is divided into the following four sections:

  • Administration (formerly known as Admin)
  • Account Activities & Reporting (formerly known as Account Services and Balance Reporting)
  • Payments & Transfers (formerly known as Funds Transfer)
  • Online Requests (formerly known as Online Services) 
  • *Note: Balance Alerts and Sweeps are no longer under administration. Balance Alerts is now located under the Account Activities & Reporting. Sweeps is now located under Payments & Transfers.

Page Design

There are two main page designs used throughout BCMO  – Table Style and Form Entry. You will see these two styles used with minor variations to adapt the style to the content of the page. The basic functionality on the pages has been retained, however, some field labels and positioning have been changed to improve the usability and workflow.

Central Valley Bank is excited about the changes coming in BCMO and hope you will find these updates an improvement to our user experience.

Customer User Guide

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